Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Exit Poll, Opinion Poll

Karnataka 2018 Assembly Elections Exit Poll and Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Opinion Poll....
An opinion poll can simply be defined as a survey result. Opinion Poll is usually published some months before the election to evaluate the voters’ mood. Different media agencies take up the responsibility of announcing the results. Here we will see the more information about on Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Exit Poll or Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Opinion Poll.

Current status
There are alarm bells sounding from Kar assembly elections 2018 Exit Poll or Opinion Poll for BJP as Karnataka elections draw near. The elections will also be held in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh in 2018. The 2019 general election run-up is expected to be an interesting race.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is currently in charge of 18 states either as a single entity or as a main partner. On the other hand, the congress is only in charge of four states, Karnataka, Punjabi and one Union Territory being the only main states where they in power.

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Exit Poll

The Karnataka Assembly elections 2018 are set to be held very soon (less than six months from now) as CM Siddaramaiah finishes his full term in the month of May.

According to Karnataka Assembly Elections results released by TV9-C Voter poll, Karnataka in 2018 state polls is likely to elect a hung assembly. This will leave Janata Dal (Secular) party which is led by former PM HD Devgowda to don the kingmaker hat yet again.
Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Exit Poll
Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Exit poll or Karnataka Assembly 2018 Elections Opinion Poll released by TV9 Kannada-C-Voter estimates that Congress which is the ruling party will take the top position once again with close to 102 seats. This however will be short of the magic figure with 11 seats.

According to this Opinion poll agency, Congress will take the lead followed by BJP which will secure 96 seats which will be way below their much publicized goal of 150 seats. This will actually be less than their winning tally of 1109 seats in 2008. The JD (S) will totally lose ground securing only 25 seats.

Although different opinion agencies which conducted Karnataka 2018 Assembly Opinion and Exit polls give slightly different results, one thing was clear to all; Congress is taking the lead this time. BJP will come second while JD (S) will be distance third.

Results of recently released opinion poll
The first pre-poll survey to be released ahead of 2017 Karnataka Assembly elections was conducted by one market research agency known as C-fore. The released Opinion poll suggests that congress might secure between 120 to 132 seats with an approximation of 43% vote share.

For any political party to secure an absolute majority title, it needs 113 seats. This means that Congress will take the lead. BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) which is currently in power is expected to secure 60 to 72 seats followed by JD(S) coming distance third with 24 to 30 seats only.

The Opinion poll recently released is also showing Siddaramaiah as the best option for CM candidate commanding close to 46% support. B S Yeddyurappa is the BJP candidate and is far much behind with scores of 27%. H D Kumaraswamy is the JD(S) candidate and is expected to be third with only 18% of the total votes.

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