Karnataka Election Results 2018 Votes Counting Dates, Schedule, Polling

Karnataka Assembly Elections Polling Results 2018, Karnataka Election Live Counting updates, Schedule, Polling Dates, District Wise Elections Results, Polling Percentage, Pre Poll Survey, Opinion Poll, Exit Poll, Participating Parties List, MLA Winners list etc....
Karnataka is one of the most productive states in India that has made tremendous progress in the field of education, industry, agriculture, and tourism. Bangalore is well known as the Silicon Valley of Asia which is the capital of Karnataka. It is known as Silicon Valley because of its flourishing Information technology industry. Karnataka was formed when the state recognition came into effect on 1st November 1956. It is the fastest growing states in the country. Today We will the updates on Karnataka Election Results 2018 Schedule, Vote Counting Dates, Polling Dates, Polling Percentage, Karnataka Election Results Live Counting 2018 updates etc.

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Schedule

The election commission has planned to visit the state at the end of March to evaluate the situation and announce the schedule.
Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Schedule or Notification Announced
Closing Date for applying Nomination forms 24th April to 27th April
Nominations Observation date Not Yet Announced
Ending Date of Nominations Withdrawal Not Yet Announced
Karnataka Elections 2018 Polling Date 12th May 2018
How many hours of Polling Not Yet Told by Govt
Karnataka Assembly Election Results 2018 / Counting Date of Votes 15th May 2018
After the election dates are announced, the election commission has reportedly announced that the model code of conduct will be put in place immediately. It is being said that by the end of this month or the first week of April, the election commission may finalize the dates for polling, counting, and announcing them.

Karnataka Election Results Live Counting updates 2018

As the days are approaching, people start discussing the Karnataka Assembly Election Results 2018. It is not early to talk about it because politicians depend on both the present and the past. It is so frail that it makes a complete U-turn owing to a particular mere statement or even an event made by the politician. No one can precisely predict the results. However, they can certainly back up on few deciding factors.

After Gujarat, Karnataka is the first of four states that go to the election in 2018. Karnataka is ruled by Congress while the other three states Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chattisgarh are ruled by BJP. Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat has announced that the elections in Karnataka are likely to be held around 15th April 2018. Karnataka assembly consists of 224 consistencies in total. To get a simple majority in Karnataka assembly, a party needs to get 113 seats.
Karnataka Election results 2018
Some reporters have stated that the Karnataka 2018 Assembly Election results are going to be held around the first week of May. There is no official word or confirmation on the poll date. The Election commission will announce the dates officially through the press conference or by other ways. One thing that works to win the elections of Karnataka is the caste.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has swept the Tripura Assembly Elections and also performed well in Nagaland Assembly Elections in 2018. Now all the eyes are on Karnataka as it is a congress ruling state. Predicting the Karnataka Election results is too early, about which party will win the Karnataka elections in 2018. It is the only state in South India where the BJP has been able to form the government from 2008-2013. It is led by BS Yeddyurappa, DV Sadananda Gowda, and Jagadish Shettar.

In 2013 Karnataka has lost its ruling over Karnataka because of the negative votes in Old Mumbai and Coastal Karnataka. The combined votes of these two regions do not add up to the results in 2008. This is where Congress gained the more significant votes. Congress won the majority by Karnataka because of BJP infighting and Yeddyurappa, who formed KJP and disputed the election with an absolute majority of 122 seats. Siddaramaih became as the CM by exposing the misdeeds of BJP party and promising transparency in administration.

Currently, BJP is the principal opposition party with 44 seats that are four more than JD(S) in the 224 member house. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP President Amit Shah have indicted the Chief Minister of Congress Siddaramaih for massive corruption by making the sound of a poll bulge in the state. PM Modi predicted in Bengaluru that Congress is standing at the exit gates in Karnataka. This party has caused destruction in the state and Karnataka doesn't need a Congress culture. BJP has a deep-rooted presence of the Sangh Parivar and its affiliates and strong connections in Karnataka.

In the rule of Congress in 2013, the state has been free from corruption scandals and kind of sex that the earlier BJP dispensation has been faced. There are also some assertions of nepotism against chief minister Siddaramaiah and propitiation of minorities and Dalits, that is referred by the Kannada acronym AHINDA, which is a vote bank that the CM has carefully developed. The attitude and approach of the CM himself towards issues affecting the people is the biggest drawback of this government.

Karnataka Assembly Elections Pre Poll Survey 2018

With a few weeks to go for the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018, to be held in April-May this year, speculations are rife as to which party will gain power in the state. The question on everyone’s mind is whether the ruling Congress will regain its hold over the state or will the Modi magic work its charm on the minds of voters, as certain surveys seem to suggest.

224 constituencies are there in Karnataka assembly and party needs approximate 113 seats to get simple majority. In 2018, the Karnataka discretionary fight turns into substantially more intriguing as Karnataka is one of the last two major states alongside Punjab that is held by the Congress. Karnataka is additionally the main Southern territory of India that has been controlled by the BJP previously. . Most assessment surveys held by private players from the beginning of January 2018 had anticipated a hung gathering with a nail gnawing challenge between all the three noteworthy players. Also poll says,in central Karnataka, the BJP and Congress would share the equal amount of honors.

It is still very confusing to predict which party will win the Karnataka Election results 2018 which is going to announce in 15th May 2018. According to opinion poll, both the parties (BJP and Congress) claiming their victory. Prime Minister said in Parivartana rally “Congress has no more chances to win Karnataka election as people of Karnataka don’t believe in the congress culture. In this high voltage political battle, Congress has blamed BJP for using polarization as a way for getting votes. Not withstanding, opinion poll have proposed so far that both BJP and Congress would be amazed with the outcome. Indeed, them two may not get a greater part all alone and the JD(S) may pick up at the cost of BJP and Congress.

According to January Pre poll survey, a very hopeless chance to the clear win of BJP and Congress. This survey predict 70-80 seats for Congress and 70-75 for BJP. Chances that the reaming will claimed by JD(S). Actually different opinion predicted by the different survey. The recent survey conducted by Another opinion poll by TV9-C Voter had claimed that the JD(S) will likely play the role of a kingmaker after the assembly elections in the state.

In the run up, many surveys have added to the conjectures even as the fates of the Congress and the opposition BJP hang in balance. Several opinion polls have hinted towards a hung assembly, and have predicted a close contest between the three major parties in contention, which are the ruling Indian National Congress, The Bharatiya Janata Party and the Janata Dal. As reported in the website oneindia.com, one survey by the agency Creative Centre for Political and Social Studies projects that the BJP will win 113 out of the 224 seats, while the Congress and the Janata Dal are projected to get 85 and 25 seats respectively.

The TV9-C voter poll suggests that the JD(S) will make it back to the government, playing a vital role in forming an alliance in the face of a hung assembly. The poll predicts that the Congress will gain the largest seat share but will fail to reach the halfway mark of 113 to form the government by itself. In another Karnataka Election 2018 Pre Poll survey testing the popularity of individual leaders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is found to be the leading crowd puller among the people of the state.

The last time a big election that was held in the state was the Lok Sabha elections of 2014, in which BJP had bagged an impressive 17 seats, while the Congress and the JD(S) had managed only 9 and 2 seats, respectively.
While opinion polls are known to show some indications, only time will tell what awaits the people of Karnataka.

Karnataka Assembly Election 2018 Survey have been conducted in the state to predict the results about who will win of the elections. The agencies who have carried out the pre-poll surveys are TV9-C, C-Fore, Creative Center for Political and Social Studies (COPS) and Suvarna News. These surveys will create enthusiasm for the people. After getting the Karnataka Election Results 2018 from the surveys, the politicians will start planning to fight against the other parties and will announce all the schemes that attract the people to change their final decision in the time of votings in the coming elections.

The Karnataka Election Results 2018 Opinion poll by the TV9-C voter has claimed that after the assembly elections in the state, JD(S) is likely to play the role of a kingmaker. With the survey, the opinion poll has predicted that BJP is likely to get 96 seats and Congress is going to get the largest majority with 102 seats and the JD might end up with 25 seats. Opinion polls have suggested that both BJP and Congress would be surprised by seeing the Karnataka Election Results 2018.

Suvarna news survey, which was published at the end of 2017 has stated that the BJP would get 82, Congress-88 and JD(S) will get 11 while others will win by the other smaller parties or independents. It is one of the channels that predicts the Karnataka Election Results 2018 with most accuracy. According to the survey, Janata Dal(S) leader HD Kumaraswamy will be elected as the kingmaker.

The Karnataka Elections Pre Poll Survey 2018 conducted by the CHC agency indicates a 73-76 seats win for the BJP party and 77-81 seats for Congress party. JD(S) is content with the results range from 64-66 seats. The result is much to the displeasure of both BJP and Congress parties. The rest 4-5 seats have been grabbed by other parties in the 224 member consistencies. As the Karnataka Election results 2018 are out, the parties are trying harder to avoid repeating the same results in the exit polls.

According to the C-Fore survey, the Congress and BJP are likely to win 60-72 seats while JDS will get 24 to 30 seats. During the survey, most of the respondents have stated that they want Siddaramaiah back as the chief minister. Remaining 1-6 seats are expected to win by the other parties or independents. This survey has stated that Congress and BJP are involved in a neck-and-neck battle with the JDS trailing far behind.

According to the internal surveys conducted by both BJP and Congress parties, they are tucked up in the electoral race. If this situation continues JD(S) could turn out to be kingmakers of Karnataka. The ruling Congress in Karnataka is taking no action or chances with the next year elections by confronting the steps like reaching out to every single worker, voter, and constituency to ensure that it can stall the impressive run of the BJP.

Congress has a strong grassroots network in Karnataka unlike Gujarath or Uttar Pradesh. Similar to BJP, Congress has set up the booth-level committees and reviewing them frequently. Congress has accused BJP of using polarisation for getting votes. Siddaramaih has stated that the results of Tripura poll will have no impact in Karnataka. He has announced the populist schemes targeting the urban poor, which include the launch of a subsidized food venture

Karnataka Assembly Elections Results 2018 Live Vote Counting Updates

Participated Political Parties Leading Won Total
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), if participated - - -
Indian National Congress (INC) - - -
Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) - - -
Other Parties and Independent Parties - - -
Total - - 224
Under Congress rule, Karnataka is being listed as one of the top corrupted cities and scams at regular intervals. The people of the state cannot ignore the blunders made by the congress ruling. So, there is a chance that BJP is going to form the government this year. Congress has lost its base of ruling across India and is limited to Karnataka, Punjab, and Puducherry. Besides Punjab, Karnataka is the only big state that is ruled by the Congress currently. Siddaramaih is trying to appeal the urban middle-class people of the Karnataka state.

Karnataka Assembly Elections District Wise Polling Results 2018

On 15th May 2018 the Karnataka Assembly Election Counting Results 2018 has been announce. Here we will update Karnataka Elections District Wise Results 2018 with Part wise are as follows....
District Wise Results Congress Seats BJP Seats Other Parties Seats
Bagalkot Election Results - - -
Bangalore Assembly Elections Results - - -
Bangalore Rural Election Result - - -
Belgaum Assembly Election Results - - -
Bellary Assembly Election Results - - -
Bidar Assembly Election Results - - -
Bijapur Election Results - - -
Chamarajanagar Election Results - - -
Chikkaballapura Assembly Elections Results - - -
Chikmagalur Assembly Election Result - - -
Chitradurga Assembly Elections Results - - -
Dakshina Kannada Assembly Election Results - - -
Davanagere Assembly Election Results - - -
Dharwad Assembly Election Results - - -
Gadag Assembly Election Results - - -
Gulbarga Assembly Election Results - - -
Hassan Assembly Election Results - - -
Haveri Assembly Election Results - - -
Kodagu Assembly Election Results - - -
Kolar Assembly Election Results - - -
Koppal Assembly Election Results - - -
Mandya Assembly Election Results - - -
Mysore Assembly Election Results - - -
Raichur Elections Results - - -
Ramanagara Assembly Elections Results - - -
Shimoga Elections Results - - -
Tumkur Assembly Election Results - - -
Udupi Assembly Election Results - - -
Uttara Kannada Assembly Elections Results - - -
Yadgir Assembly Elections Results - - -
After announcing the Election Results 2018 we will update as soon. BJP and Janata Dal(S) are conducting rallies across the states to highlight the shortcomings of Congress ruling under Siddaramaih. Karnataka people loves and trusts Modi more than any other leaders. He talks about the development of jobs, education, roads, and water facilities in the state. With the help of Modi, BJP won 17 LokSabha seats out of 28 seats in 2017. It has been declared as the winner of the results of Karnataka election for Lok Sabha. BJP is finding ways to wrest control of Karnataka from the Congress and has declared B.S. Yeddyurappa as its chief ministerial candidate.

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Results Party wise Seats won

Indian National Congress (INC) -
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) -
Badavara Shramikara Raitara Congress Party (BSRCP) -
Karnataka Jantha Paksha (KJP) -
Janata Dal (Secular) JD(S) -
Karnataka Makkala Paksha (KMP) -
Samajwadi Party (SP) -
Sarvodaya Karnataka Paksha (SKP) -
Independent (IND) -
Total 224
After the completion of Karnataka Assembly Elections we will finally update as soon the Genuine Party wise Seats won list.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the Karnataka Assembly Election results 2018 on 15th May 2018. The Polling will be starts on 12th May 2018. Predictions are just predictions, unexpected things can happen during the Karnataka election results. By viewing the surveys mentioned above, you might be able to get an idea about who is more likely to win the election in the Karnataka state.

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