Karnataka Legislative Assembly Elections 2018 Results Counting Date

Karnataka Legislative Assembly Elections 2018 Results Counting Date or Kar Legislative Assembly Elections Results 2018 will be in April 2018....
Karnataka is the first the four states to have an election in 2018. In, upcoming Karnataka elections Congress and BJP have great competition. As per the Karnataka Legislative Assembly Elections 2018 Results of Tv9-opinion poll the Jantadall will play significant the role in this elections.

In, up coming Karnataka election the Jantadall has announced to join hands with Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) which helps Congress a lot. In, Karnataka election Congress and Bartiya Janata Party (BJP) will battle a lot get a majority of seats in 224 constituencies. Congress would try to get 113 majorities seats to get a another chance to place a government in Karnataka state. As INC secured 122 seats out of 224 in 2013 has a greater chance to win this 2018 election.

This time there are three major parties- INC (Indian national Congress), Baratiya Janta Party (BJP), JANTA DAL secular.

As the Congress has a high chance to win this election. So BJP is on a try to eradicate their mistake which was done by BS Yeddyurappa who was asked to resign by BJP on the charges of corruption. And BJP don't have a strong hold of rural areas. Siddaramiah’s Congress has been corruption free and has a strong hold in rural areas.

Karnataka Legislative Assembly Elections 2018 Results Opinion Poll, Exit Poll

CHS pre-poll survey- The survey, conducted by a poll agency is known as CHS. As per pre-poll survey it is clear that Congress and BJP would come face to face by having a same numbers seats.

In first poll-survey- It resulted as Congress with secured 76-81 seats whereas BJP with secured 71-76 seats and Janata Dal with 24 seats and others with 2-4 seats.

And as per the second poll-survey- The Congress would be able successfully place a government in Karnataka. By having a majority of 102 seats while BJP will get 96 seats and Janata with 24 seats. As government needed 113 seats. As there are 224 members in the legislature.
Karnataka Legislative Assembly Elections 2018 Results
But as per Suvarna news survey, which was published towards on end of 2017, had predicted that the BJP would get 82 seats, Congress-88 seats and JD(S) will get 11 seats while others will win in 11 constituencies.

And in another survey according to Tv9 predicted, the end of elections JD(S) would play a role in Kingmakers.

A survey taken place through Whatsup groups showed a result, which predicted that Congress would win.

Congress: Siddaramaiah
BJP: B. S. Yeddyurappa

BJP may lose Karnataka, once again, in the upcoming 2018 Karnataka elections:

No one fought for the officials who committed suicides. No satisfactory was found. Whereas the Congress took a chance over them, raised a voice against the farmers who got loss in their yield which made them to suicide.

And Bartiya janta party leader B. S. Yeddyurappa was caught taking corruption. So he was made to leave the party. But again he has now rejoined the party. And has promised to not to take corruption instead remove the corruption from the Karnataka. But still Baratiya janata party had left a negative thinking in Karnataka. And has a less chance to win the elections.

Karnataka Legislative Assembly Elections 2018 Results who knows what will be the result. Let's wait and watch

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